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Dawn's Story for FREE Lipo



Pacific Lipo is happy to announce Dawn Klasen as our winner for the free lipo contest! Dawn had first inquired about the lipo procedure in January of 2012. She was set and ready to come in, but found out some news that required her to postpone the procedure. An active mother of 3, she has struggled to get her body back to a shape that lets her feel good about herself despite her regular exercise and Zumba activities. Dawn works hard to provide for her family and reached out to Pacific Lipo during the Free Lipo contest hoping that she could finally treat herself. Dawn, we are happy to help you reshape the way you live!

Dawn's Story:

"Hi everyone. I have never had lipo before but just entered to win the free lipo contest from Pacific Lipo :) I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids. I work 60 hours a week to provide for them. I exercise a lot and just can't seem to get rid of the baby tummy :) I teach zumba and even that will not rid the baby tummy. I am done having children and would really love to win this free lipo :) I have heard such wonderful things from the patients of Pacific Lipo and would be sooooo happy and excited to win this. I can't afford lipo with my job and it would be awesome if I could win... Thanks!!"


Dawn's Experience At Pacific Lipo:

"My name is Dawn and I am THE FREE LIPO CONTEST WINNER for September. When I arrived, I was surprised with flowers and a balloon bouquet. I was escorted to a nice room and my vital signs were taken. They made sure I was very comfortable and even gave me cold water to drink. I changed into my robe, my little slippers and blue surgery hat. Next, Rod Davis came in and asked me if I had any questions before we began the procedure. He had a very calming demeanor and I felt comfortable instantly. He asked me what my areas of concern were and told me that I did have a lot of loose skin on my belly from having 3 kids. He promised he would do his very best but not to expect the skin to completely tighten. I really liked his honesty. Next I was marked with a marker and escorted to the operating room. The surgical bed was heated and felt nice. Letty, the medical assistant, gave me stress ball to squeeze on if needed for extra comfort :) Rod Davis came in the room and gave me the local injections before making his tiny incisions. I am not kidding everyone, I did not feel that part. He was super caring and gentle. After the incisions were made, Rod explained that he would inject the tumescent fluid to make me numb. That part was a bit pokey but not nearly as bad as I expected. Once I was all numb and comfortable, he explained he would suction the fat out and if I felt any discomfort, to let him know right away so he could give me more yummy lidocaine :) I did feel some pinching a few times so I was given more medicine. Rod really cared about my comfort and he even talked to me the entire time. The suctioning felt like a massage and I was even ticklish in a few spots :) I had my entire abdomen and loves handles done and the entire procedure took just a few hours. I remember actually falling asleep at one point :) When I was all done, I was wrapped up tight and a compression garment was put on . The garment is very tight but I am sure that is a good thing. I was brought into another room and given a snack and apple juice. They made sure I was OK to drive home and even offered to let me stay as long as I needed to. These people were wonderful because it was past the time for them to leave for the day and all they cared about was my comfort and safety. I live 2.5 hours away and was able to drive myself home. It is now the next day and so far, Rod has called me twice to check on me.....very thoughtful. I am very sore and draining a lot of fluid. I was given pain medicine, antibiotics and a little care bag with post-op instructions as well. I am so very pleased with my liposuction experience. If you are thinking about having liposuction done and live near San Diego, CA, I would recommend Pacific Lipo :) Did I mention that Rod Davis is a perfectionist??? He went over the same areas several times to be sure everything was even. I lost 4 Liters of belly fat yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! I will post before and after pics when I heal up a bit."

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