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Candy's Story for FREE Lipo



Pacific Lipo is excited to announce that we will be helping Candy reshape the way she lives as our 2nd Free Lipo Winner! Candy's best friend and partner in crime, Robin, entered her into our first Free Lipo contest. The two of them have put in a significant amount of effort to get Candy's name out there. Congratulations again ladies!

Candy's Story:

"My name is Robin Dial. The person that I hope you consider to receive free liposuction is my best friend, Candy Blanchard. I felt compelled to enter this contest because I am the only family and friend that she has supporting her at this time. I've known Candy for 18 years. In all the years I've known Candy, she has struggled with her weight. Because of these struggles, her self-esteem has suffered tremendously. She doesn't even want to leave the house. I've watched her torment herself going from personal trainers and gym memberships to overdosing on diet pills, starving herself, and considering hardcore drugs/substance abuse, then feeding her depression with obsessive eating. This has taken a toll on her mentally and physically and has affected her social life even amongst the people who care for her the most. Always feeling self-conscious and choosing to miss out on the joys of life that she so desperately needs. Candy's weight issues stem back to her childhood. I have heard many heart wrenching stories about the drama she endured. She has always been the only one overweight in her family and was ridiculed and teased by her own family members and in school. As she grew older, she developed at a young age and dealt with being sexually harassed by her stepfather, and because her mother did not believe her, she ran away from home at the age of 13. From that point on, her weight gain became even more out of control. I have been a witness to this deterioration of her body, mind and spirit and know that she needs and deserves an opportunity like this to turn her life around. I took it upon myself to enter her into this contest because she has been there for me through thick and thin by helping me care for my mother who was dying of lung cancer. She was a big part of getting me through the grieving process after my mom eventually passed away. Candy continuously puts others before herself; despite her own personal unhappiness. There is no one more deserving of this opportunity than my best friend Candy Blanchard. Thanks for your consideration.

Sincerely, Robin Dial "


Candy's Experience At Pacific Lipo:

"I love this place! Rod and his staff are great! I had my procedure done on Wednesday and I am extremely happy with the results! Everyone is so genuine and kind. They made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole experience and they continue to check on me as I recover.

If you are thinking about getting Liposuction, I recommend you get your procedure done here. I Guarantee you'll love it. I'm definitely going back soon. Pacific Lipo is truly the best in the business!"

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